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About the University

Modern, creative and entrepreneurial academic community has raised Mykolas Romeris University (MRU) to the leading university in social sciences and interdisciplinary research in Lithuania. MRU cooperates closely with over 300 universities, public and private institutions, takes part in academic, professional and inter-sectorial networks.
Currently MRU enrolls 6500 students including 600 international students and employs over 400 academic staff. The university offers doctoral, Master's and Bachelor's Degree study programmes. Over 80% of them have international accreditation. The most popular study programmes are law, management, public administration, psychology, social work, public security, etc.

In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks. Smart Young People Study at the College.


Masters in International Politics and Economics

Unique Curriculum

The programme applies innovative learning methods covering research, problem-oriented learning, critical thinking, learning through interaction, individual and group oriented independent studies, debates, case studies, Delphi method, developing problem solving skills, simulation, project method, individual tutorials.

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First semester

Contemporary Theories of International Politics and Economics


Professor Renata Mienkowska-Norkiene

An internationaly known, leading expert on political science

International Law and International Institutions

Legal issues in international relations

International Political Economy

Get basics of international economy

Research Methodology

How to make a research

Asian Community: Cultural, Political and Economic Aspects

Insights to Asia

Comparative International Politics

International politics

Great powers and global Order

Studies on global issues

Security Studies

Global security

Second semester

Economic, Political, and Defensive Integration of Europe and Asia

Integration between Europe and Asia

Far Eastern Studies

Study about East Asian countries.

Political and Economic Systems of Asian Countries

Asia research

Russian and CIS Studies

Studies on former USSR

Critical Political Theory: the Focus on the Relationship Between Politics and Economics

Inter-relations between politics and economics

International Political and Economic Crises

Insight in reasons for crisises and ways to overcome them.

International Practice

Subjects to choose.

Middle Eastern Studies

Subject to choose

Political and National Conflict Studies

Subject to choose

Third semester

Master Thesis - Proseminar

How to write a perfect master thesis

Courses of the Partner university

Subjects depending on the partner university

Fourth semester

Thesis Research

Work on your master thesis

Discussion Seminars: Political and Economic Challenges of international Relations

Learning through discussion

Master Thesis - seminar

Preparation of Master Thesis

National Economic Policy of Lithuania

Subject to choose (one of three)

European Political and Economic Integration

Subject to choose (one of three)

EU Single Market

Subject to choose (one of three)

Top university for students

Reasons to study at Mykolas Romeris University

Q. The University

- Leading university in social sciences and interdisciplinary research in Lithuania
- Highly recognized especially for the University’s outstanding law department
- International university located in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania
- Modern, creative and entrepreneurial academic community
- Close cooperation with over 300 universities, public and private institutions
- Active participation in academic, professional and inter-sectorial networks
- Full membership of international higher education organizations: International Association of Universities, European University Association, European Association for International Education, European-Asian Knowledge Consortium Social Technologies for Smart and Inclusive Society, etc.

Q. The Faculty

- Over 400 academic staff
- Numerous best professors in Lithuania
- Structured within the Faculty of Economics and Business, The School of Law, the Faculty of Public Governance, the Academy of Public Security, Institute of Communication, Institute of Humanities, Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work and the Institute of Psychology. Research and innovation is implemented at the Social Innovations Laboratory Network MRU LAB that includes 16 laboratories and the Research and Innovation Support Centre
- Participation in national and international research programes and projects

Q. The Program

- Collaboration with western EU universities
- An opportunity to go through a dual degree path
- Outstanding approach to teaching
- Program delivered in English
- Introductory week before each semester
- Widely used open-source Virtual learning platform Moodle

Q. Costs

- Cheap and afordable tuition
- Low costs of living of approximate EUR 400-450 per month, which includes:
> montly rental fee in the dormitory (2-3 students per room) only EUR 85-100 (includes electricity and water)
> food for EUR 150-200
> transportation from EUR 6 (monthly public transportation ticket) to EUR 40 (other types of transportation
> leisure EUR 60 -170
> other costs approximately EUR50-100

Q. Student's life

- Multicultural environment, students from all around the world
- Green park on campus
- Safe and clean envirnment
- Campus located 5 minutes from the university, 25 minutes from downtown
- Many tourist attractions in Vilnius
- Travel opportunities
- Extra-currcular activities (including music bands and groups, dance and theatre studios) and sport teams (including basketball)
- Numerous student organizations
- Entertainment with wide choice of clubs

Q. Post graduation employment opportunities

- Mentoring system during the studies
- Broad carrier opportunities in EU countries as Lithuania is a EU member state
- Most popular choices by graduates of team leaders and project managers supported by outstanding knowledge foundations pave a way to further promotion to managerial positions

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