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Check the top choices for children to learn in private schools in EU and the USA. Access to schools in Cognita Schools, EF Academy and Harrow House networks of schools. Get more information boarding schools admissions and register with the schools.

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United Kingdom,
Date & Time
Academic year 2019/2020
Preparatory courses,
Elementary and secondary education for children 6 to 19 years old

About Choosing the Best Suited School

Learn, enjoy and prepare for university

Take advantage of learning abroad, master the language, get solid educational foundations for further studies, make international friends, visit new places and many more.

Being an extension of schools recruitment teams we offer a choice of 50+ boarding schools across United Kingdom, US and other countries. We will help you to choose the best school in terms of location, curriculum, living conditions and afordability. Sudents learn according to A-Levels, IB or GCSE curriculum. Before starting regular curriculum students can improve language abilities on preparatory courses or can take tester courses. During academic year students can join various extra activities.

Scroll down to the Showcase section to learn about most popular schools and then fill in the form on the top of this page to download the brochures of these schools. You can also consult study options and secure the place in the best suited school.


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Why Boarding Schools Abroad


Teaching excellence

Students benefit from learning with the best and most famous educational systems in the world as well as from great choice of extra curriculum activities. They have even greater chances to be admitted by top universities.


Schools are located accrossed UK and in the USA both in famous educational centres and in smaller cities to suit everyone needs.

Learning environment

Boarding schools give excellent studying environment. They have well equipted laboratories, media centres, libraries as well as offer great access to sport and cultural facilities,

International friendships

Unique opportunity to meet and make friends with international students from other cultures with different cultural background. Friendships made in schools usually last for life.


There is hardly no better way to master English language than boarding school. Students attend classes, play sports, and live with English-speaking students.

Students life

Being at the boarding school students learn how to be independent and responsible for themselves thus they are better prepared for universities and adulthood.

Better Opportunities to Access Universities

It's hard to imagine a better way of preparing for university than through boarding school.

Admissions and Fees

There is a dedicated team to help you in the admission process.

Application documents

Most schools require: 1. Application, 2. Transcripts from previous schools in original language and English translation, 3. Copy of passport, 4. Other documents required by particular school.


Students are asked to pass the assessment of their English. Other assessment such as in Maths can be also required.


The costs include tuition fee, boarding, registration fee, transportation and food. Fees amount and applicability vary from school to school with lowest tuition per year of around GBP 12000 without boarding to GBP 25000 with full boarding.

Student visa

For an applicant from outside EU, the school issues neccessary admission documents to apply for a visa. These documents should be submitted with visa application to a consulate located in applicant's country.


Our Most Popular Choices of Schools in UK and the USA.
543 ACCEPTANCES at top 5% of U.S. universities.
Acceptances to: Yale University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University - St Louis, University of California – Berkeley, Georgetown University, University of Southern California, University of California – Los Angeles.
USD 6.4m in university scholarships awarded to students in 2017.
EF Academy Boarding Schools in Oxford, Torbay and New York
EF Academy Boarding Schools in Oxford, Torbay and New York
EF Academy
Unrivalled facilities in the UK located on UNESCO World Heritage Site; Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with one-to-one mentoring; Excellent nationality mix with students from over 40 different countries. Excellent GCSE results with best scores in Maths with a 100% pass rate.
Oldfeld International School, UK
Oldfeld International School, UK
Harrow House
Harrow House ranks in Top 10 Residential Schools in the UK by EL Gazette.
Harrow House International College, UK
Harrow House International College, UK
Harrow House
Excellent school for grades 1 – 6. Located in London
A selection of Senior Schools that graduates go to: St Paul’s Girls School, Godolphin and Latymer, City Girls School, JAGS, Francis Holland North, Francis Holland South, St. James, Queen’s Gate, Latymer Upper, Emanuel, Alleyns, Eaton Square Upper, The Hampshire (GEMS), Portland Place, Marymount International, Southbank International, Dulwich College, Wetherby Upper.
St. Nicholas Preparatory School, UK
St. Nicholas Preparatory School, UK
Cognita Schools
Boys and girls from North Bridge Preparatory School placed in excellent Senior Schools.
Students at North Bridge Senior Schools excel with exam success at both A-Level and GCSE year after year.
North Bridge House Schools, UK
North Bridge House Schools, UK
Cognita Schools
Lower and Senior School. Lower School pupils enjoy high-quality teaching in core subjects supplemented by specialist teaching in sports, modern languages and music.
As boys and girls pass through the Junior School, they are also prepared to take the 11+ examination – with consistently strong results.
Colchester High School, UK
Colchester High School, UK
Cognita Schools
Prep School and Senior School. Excellent results are the passport to the most popular courses, many students obtain places in the Russell Group.
Top destinations include: University of Bath, University of Reading, University of Southampton, University of Sussex, Aberystwyth University, University of Surrey, Cardiff Metropolitan University.
St Clare’s Private School, Wales
St Clare’s Private School, Wales
Cognita Schools


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